Limex Luxury Hand Wash Range FAQ's

What is Limex?

Limex is our range of anti-bacterial, dermatologically tested hand washes, formulated to rejuvenate skin, kill harmful microorganisms and leave hands smelling refreshed.

What makes Limex so special?

There's a lot of hand soap out there in the market across the UK, ranging from nationwide favourites to new & upcoming brands like ours. We've worked really hard on perfecting our formula, so it's kind to most skin types whilst still being as effective as possible. Not only is our product anti-bacterial, but unlike most other brands it actually smells pleasant. In a saturated market-place, full of Pink Pearl & Aloe Vera soaps, Limex is on a shelf of it's own. Bringing luxury fragrances to an everyday essential.

What fragrances do you do?

Limex is currently available in 5 fabulous fragrances, these are;

- Rich Rose: Our most popular fragrance

- Opulent Oudh: Inspired by the scents of the far east

- Luxury Lavender: All-time British classic, with a twist

- Magnificent Magnolia: Majestic like the name implies

- Jazzy Jasmine: The joyous fragrance

Ok, so what pack sizes does Limex come in?

Limex is available in both 500ml & 5ltrs pack sizes, suitable for both domestic and commercial environments. Our 500ml bottle, is a unique, enviable shape, that differentiates it from other products you may have purchased, it comes with a handy pump-action dispenser.

Have you got a brochure?

Yes, we do. You Find Our Limex Brand Brochure here: