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Paper Hygiene - a guide to better paper purchasing.


Paper Hygiene forms a vital part of the maintenance of good hygiene standards within your office, warehouse or facility. No matter the size, it is to the benefit of each and every facility owner/manager to ensure that sufficient paper hygiene products are available on-site.


Consumables aren't always cheap and as you know footfall and the scale of your operations are all important factors to consider. What may seem like a cheap product or as some say one that 'does the job' maybe be entirely wrong for your business. A recent example of this was discovered in a conversation with a customer who approached us for a new supply. Their old management relied on the motto: 'cheapest is the best' and ended up racking up £100,000s in repair bills for their toilets and plumbing. All because they went with a product that seemed cheap enough but cost them far too much in the long run.

It's not rocket science, but it is a proper kind of science.

Lots of people think that paper hygiene is simple. Buy a toilet roll that flushes or a blue roll that lasts long enough. Maybe for some that is all there is to it. But for larger scale operations or multi-site businesses where the spend on paper consumables is a cost that needs to be pinched until the last penny - it is far more than just a order for paper.

From GSM to the number of sheets per roll, the material Virgin or Recycled, and much, much more, paper is all about the specification. What works for one business, doesn't necessarily have to work for another business. It's all about finding the right solution for your facility and ensuring it is cost-effective, sustainable & the supply is secure.

Westo's Paper Professors...

Unlike the tagline may hint, we don't lecture our customers on what they should & shouldn't purchase when it comes to paper. Instead, we work with them to find the right solutions that match a) their budget, b) their facility or proposed use & c) their cleaning/maintenance routine. From the first phone call, we work to impress our customers with our know-how, confidence, and willingness to support them.

Paper is our bread & butter. We sell enough of it to give us and you the confidence that we know what we are talking about - you could say we're on a roll! This brief guide touches on the key points, but if you want to truly experience and understand what makes buying paper products from us so different, then we are simply a roll away... I meant an email away:!

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