The West-O Way


Protecting People

West-O Hygiene Solutions has built an enviable reputation within the United Kingdom, for being a reliable, affordable, innovative business that continually strives to advance forwards in its industry. Since 2018, we have remained as an emerging player within the South East of England, supplying a wide variety of customers with high-quality hygiene products, providing great value for money and reinforcing all this with a friendly customer service. 

Our founder has been committed from day one to deliver service excellence to our valued customers and to create a benchmark for quality & customer satisfaction that others struggle to match. With the support of our suppliers & customers, West-O Hygiene Solutions forever remains committed to 'Protecting People' in all that we do. 

Quality is in our DNA

Our business prioritises product quality above all else. We strongly believe the quality of a product is the most important factor to maintaining customer satisfaction & providing value for money. All our products are rigorously tested in-house, our artwork designed by highly-skilled designers, our formulations in-line with local & international standards & our packaging obtained from reliable sources. We go the extra mile to ensure every single product that leaves our facility, is delivered in the exact state it was intended to be in, by working hand-in-hand with industry-leading logistics professionals. Unlike other suppliers, West-O Hygiene Solutions understands the responsibility it has to its customers, and executes an exceptional service using the highest quality products, every single time.




Protecting People - it has always remained as the core intention of our business. Protecting customers, protecting end users, protecting budgets - providing more than just products & advice. West-O Hygiene Solutions takes pride in its efforts to maintain the highest level of protection for its customer. It is this attention to the needs of the customer, that has fuelled our exponential growth within the industry. We forever remain indebted to our customers, for permitting us to support them.



We are committed to you. Each and every individual you deal with in our business, upholds the highest levels of respect, integrity and patience, so you can be sure that you will be treated the right way from the beginning. Everything you discuss with us, is kept confidential and protected from transmission, because we value your business and it's reputation. Working with West-O becomes a beneficial part of running your business, so make sure to kickstart it TODAY!

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