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Paper Hygiene

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UK's specialists in Paper

Commitment to Quality, Service & Change.

Tissue Paper. It has been around for centuries and has become what is today referred as a basic necessity. Although its roots date back 100s of years, we believe the way it is produced, distributed and purchased shouldn't be stuck in the past. 

That's why we set out to bring a much needed change to an industry overgrown with typical practices. We knew what retailers & distributors were tired of; long lead times, poor account management, unreliability, the list goes on. Whatever your reason, here at West-O, your business is welcome. After all, we are the UK's Specialist Tissue Products Supplier. 

Unlike others we specialise wholly in the production of own-brand and private label toilet rolls, whilst keeping quality, customer service and reliability at the core of all we do. Its in our DNA, we're disruptors by nature, who are driven to bring about change, introduce better standards and leave our mark - the West-O Way.

What we do 

Flexible. Honest. Committed. 

We are UK-based supplier of hygienic toilet tissue rolls & industrial tissue products. We are flexible, honest and committed. Whether you take 1 case, a pallet or a truckload we treat you with the same level of respect, handle your order with care and deliver the products you expect.


For us, the customer is everything. We bring solutions to you, that work for you every time. We work around you, with on the floor stock, short dispatch times and flexible private label solutions that become an asset to your business operations. 

We remain committed to you, working with you to grow your business and become successful in distributing tissue paper products. 



Our Values



We promise to be your trusted partner for all things toilet roll. Unlike other suppliers, we are not over indexed, we only do what we can deliver every time - without fail. 



We adopt a sustainable, transparent and competitive approach to quality, providing the best products for the price paid - consistency is key in our business.



We work with you, alongside you to achieve your aims and to help your business thrive. By providing flexible production, short lead times & great customer service.

Why choose 

Discover why you should be working with West-O when it comes to your paper supply chain.

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Sustainable. Responsible. Agile.

Say goodbye to blockages. Introduce a sustainable, planet-friendly, responsible product which combines the latest technology and evolved production practices in the form of our easy-flush technology.

98% Less Glue per Roll than competing brands.

Why Work with Us?


Tonnes of Toilet Rolls per year



Response Time


Hours dispatch time on avg.

Become a distributor

Become a West-O Paper Distributor and enjoy the business opportunities that you get with our quality range of products.

As a West-O Paper Distributor you benefit from the strength of our brands, experience consistent quality products and outstanding service. 

Dedicated Distributor Account Managers are on hand to give you all the help and support you need to thrive. 

Contact us to find out more about becoming a distributor.

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Want your own brand?

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Lowest Cost. Flexible Production. Fastest Dispatch. Designers on hand. Start to Finish Support.

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